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Unlocking Your Cocooning Season: A Roadmap to Personal Growth


Photo capturing a black woman indulging in self-care activities on a couch inside her cozy high-rise corner apartment with large windows. Her hair is neatly wrapped in a white towel turban, and under-eye masks can be seen on her face. She's draped in a luxurious floor-length kimono that showcases shades of purple and gold. As she carefully paints her toenails, her black and white shih tzu rests curled up beside her. The ambiance is further enriched by the soft tunes playing from a vinyl record player nearby.

Alright, Ladies! Now, let's get in formation!

Cocooning season is officially upon us, signaling a time to plan our metamorphosis for the coming year, emerging with newfound strength and purpose.

What is cocooning season, you ask? It's not confined to a specific time; however, I find the embrace of fall and winter particularly inspiring. It's when we take a cue from Mother Nature, shedding what no longer serves us to make room for fresh blessings.

The Blueprint

I've outlined a strategic plan across four wellness dimensions: Mental, Physical, Financial, and Spiritual.


• Meditation

• Therapy

• Self-Help

• Education/Career/Skills Building


• Fitness

• Beauty

• Self-care

• Diet


• Savings

• Debt

• Investments

• Passive Income


• Shadow Work

• Community

• Affirmations

• Journaling

Attempting a full-scale attack on these aspects may seem ambitious. Instead, focus on one action from each category. It's these deliberate steps that lead to meaningful transformation.

My 2023/2024 Glow Up Plan

Skill-Building: Crafting Expertise for Personal and Professional Growth

In this cocooning season, my pursuit of skill-building is both a personal and professional journey, with a clear goal in mind—the attainment of the coveted PMP (Project Management Professional) certification.

As I've been honing my professional skills in project management, my decision to pursue the PMP certification isn't merely about adding a credential to my resume; it's about becoming the woman I've always aspired to be. Project management, I've discovered, offers skills that are remarkably transferable, enriching not only my career but also my personal life.

Photo of a stunning professional black woman, radiating joy and pride. She holds the PMP certification exam results in her hands, which indicate her success. Her expression is one of sheer elation, showcasing her achievement and dedication. The backdrop might feature study materials or a desk setting, further highlighting her accomplishment in this challenging professional milestone.

My ideal self is one who navigates life's complexities with grace and finesse. She's the kind of leader who can efficiently and successfully manage herself and inspire others to do the same. This aspiration isn't confined to my professional ambitions; it's a vision of the woman I aim to become in all aspects of life.

To delve deeper into my journey of building my project management muscles and what this discipline means to me, you can explore my blog post, 'Celebrating One Year in Beauty Technology.'

As you embark on your cocooning season, consider your own skill-building goals. What expertise can you cultivate that will empower you not only in your career but also in your personal life? Remember, each skill you acquire is a step closer to realizing your full potential and crafting the future you desire.

Beauty Treatments: Meaningful Investments for Your Future Self

If you've been following my journey, you may well know that I've already gotten a head start in this area. This past summer I embarked on a Microblading journey which you can read more about in "Bold and Beautiful Brows: The Ultimate Guide to Microblading".

Image of a black woman experiencing laser hair removal in a clinic or office. She's lying down, wearing protective eyewear, as a trained practitioner carefully administers the laser treatment on her skin. The environment is sterile and professional, with state-of-the-art medical equipment and a calming ambiance, ensuring the patient's comfort and safety.

But it's not just about the occasional beauty treatment; it's about building a skincare routine that nourishes your confidence daily. If you're unsure where to start, my blog post, 'Empower Your Skin, Empower Yourself: Discovering Your Perfect Skincare Routine,' offers a beginner's guide to building your skincare toolkit.

Next, I will be taking on laser hair removal, which after much deliberation and research I've decided will be a meaningful investment for me. In our journey towards self-empowerment, it's crucial to recognize that investments aren't solely financial. They're also about pouring resources into aspects of our lives that foster confidence, well-being, and a sense of identity.

When we talk about beauty treatments, we're not just discussing aesthetic enhancements. These are deliberate steps towards feeling unapologetically confident in our own skin. They're investments in our future selves, nurturing a sense of self-assurance that transcends the physical.

For instance, laser hair removal isn't merely about convenience—it's about saving precious time, sidestepping the hassle of constant shaving, and liberating ourselves from the constraints of darkened areas caused by traditional hair removal methods.

Delving further, microneedling, red light therapy, and preventative wrinkle treatments aren't just about defying age; they're about embracing the wisdom and experience that come with it. They're about cherishing the journey and wearing it with grace.

So, as we embark on our cocooning season, let's redefine 'investment' to encompass the totality of our well-being. Let's commit to actions that resonate with our true selves, actions that amplify our confidence and radiate the unique beauty that resides within each of us.

Image capturing a black woman in her cozy high-rise corner apartment, engaged in a moment of self-enhancement. Her hair is neatly set in rollers, indicating a personal care routine. She's seated on the floor, encircled by a collection of finance and self-help books. Actively jotting down notes in a notebook, she simultaneously browses the internet for more insights. The setting epitomizes her commitment to growth and knowledge.

Passive Income: Cultivating Financial Freedom

In this cocooning season, my focus on passive income has taken a deeply personal turn. I've delved into the realms of automation, AI, and affiliate marketing, seeking to optimize my current streams of passive income.

It's not just about letting money work for me; it's about understanding the evolving landscape of financial opportunities. By learning about cutting-edge technologies and strategies, I aim to build a more robust foundation for financial freedom.

As you navigate your own cocooning season, consider how you can make passive income an integral part of your financial strategy. Explore new avenues, educate yourself on emerging trends, and most importantly, take action. Your financial destiny is a canvas waiting for your masterpiece.

Community: Nurturing Connections for Growth

One of the most transformative steps is actively seeking out opportunities to connect with like-minded and successful individuals. The power of community cannot be overstated; it's a catalyst for personal and professional growth.

Photo of a group of stunning professional black women, exuding confidence and elegance. Dressed impeccably in designer ensembles, they are engaged in lively conversations, sharing laughs and moments of camaraderie. Their genuine smiles light up the scene, and some are seen high-fiving each other, celebrating shared successes or joyful moments. The atmosphere is vibrant, highlighting their bond and mutual respect.

For me, this cocooning season holds a special event on the horizon: the Afrotech Conference in Austin, TX. It's not just a conference—it's an intentional step toward finding my tribe, my community of driven individuals who share my vision and aspirations.

Consider this: every year, there are a multitude of popular events around the world tailored to suit a wide range of passions and interests. Whether it's conferences, expos, festivals, or workshops, these gatherings are hubs of inspiration and networking.

By planning for these events in advance, you're not just attending; you're investing in your own growth and expansion. It's an opportunity to step into an environment that fuels your aspirations and surrounds you with individuals who share your vision.

The more you immerse yourself in these experiences, the more likely you are to attract amazing opportunities, experiences, and people. It's a ripple effect; the connections you make at these events can lead to collaborations, mentorships, and friendships that have the potential to reshape your journey.

Elevating Our Wings, Together

As the cocooning season unfolds, we stand on the brink of remarkable transformation. Each intention set, and every step taken, is a testament to our commitment to becoming the women we've always aspired to be. Through skill-building, beauty treatments, passive income pursuits, and the nurturing of a thriving community, we're crafting a future steeped in purpose and empowerment.

Together, we're not just embracing change, but sculpting it with intention and belief. As we emerge from this cocooning season, we'll do so with wings unfurled, ready to conquer new horizons. Let's remember that our journey is not solitary; it's a collective tapestry of growth and empowerment.

Join me in spreading our wings, for in unity, we find strength beyond measure. Here's to a cocooning season that not only shapes us but empowers us to soar higher than ever before! 🦋💪


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