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Bold and Beautiful Brows: The Ultimate Guide to Microblading

An Eyebrow Microblading Guide blog post cover

Hey there, fellow soft souls!

Let's dive into my quest for the ultimate soft girl lifestyle – a journey filled with ease, joy, and convenience. And to get there, I knew I had to tackle one of the most critical categories first: Beauty.

Beauty, oh beauty! My first big leap into the world of soft girl living beauty treatments is through Microblading. Picture this: a recovering perfectionist on a mission to save precious morning minutes and secure flawless brows at all times. Can you relate?

You see, your eyebrows hold the power to make or break your look – trust me, I've been through it all. In the past, my brows took a wild rollercoaster ride. Let's take a moment to cringe together at my super strange brow days. Yep, that was me! Over-arched and thin brows that had the potential to rival early 90's Pamela Anderson's.

Junior Year of HS

But then, the dreaded eyebrow waxing came into my life, and it was all downhill from there. Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn to it, and my brows suffered the consequences. As a broke 9th grader, I got resourceful and, uh-oh, attempted to use my mother's electric shaver. Disaster struck as half of my right brow vanished, and my left was far from spared. Talk about brow trauma! ::insert HUGE sigh::

The result? High-school pictures that ended up in the black hole of my parents' attic. It's no wonder my old classmates couldn't believe their eyes when I blossomed into a "supermodel" later in life. My ugly duckling phase was an odyssey! But hey, remember, every storm brings a brighter day.

SeniorvYear of HS

And so, later in life, after healing from the trauma, microblading came to the rescue! I'll admit, the first round of shading is no joke – pain level: 3/5. But don't worry, the numbing cream eventually saves the day! Now, as I'm going through the healing process of my touch-up, I can't help but feel thrilled with my decision. It's a significant step for someone like me, who holds a deep emotional connection to my brows due to past mishaps.

For all you fabulous Beauty, Brain & Brawn readers who are intrigued by the magic of microblading, here are some essential tips to consider before taking the plunge:

1. Research, Research, Research: Like any beauty procedure, knowledge is power! Take the time to research reputable microblading artists or studios in your area. Read reviews, look at before-and-after photos, and don't hesitate to ask for recommendations from friends or fellow beauty enthusiasts. Choosing a skilled and experienced professional will make all the difference in achieving the brows of your dreams.

2. Consultation is Key: Before scheduling your microblading appointment, ensure you have a thorough consultation with your chosen artist. Discuss your expectations, concerns, and desired brow shape. A skilled artist will listen to your preferences while offering valuable insights and suggestions based on your unique facial features and skin tone.

Early 20's Eyebrows

3. Patience is Virtue: Remember, microblading is a semi-permanent procedure, and it requires a healing process. Be patient and follow your artist's aftercare instructions diligently. It's normal to experience some redness, scabbing, and flaking during the healing period, but trust the process – your fabulous brows will emerge!

4. Plan Around Special Events: If you have significant events, vacations, or special occasions coming up, consider scheduling your microblading appointment well in advance. This ensures your brows have ample time to heal and settle, leaving you with stunning, natural-looking results when the big day arrives.

5. Touch-up is Your Friend: Microblading typically involves a touch-up session after the initial treatment to perfect the look and extend the longevity of your brows. Embrace this touch-up opportunity as it allows your artist to make any necessary adjustments and ensure your brows are on point.

Aftercare Bliss: Nurturing Your New Brows to Perfection

Congratulations, trailblazers of beauty! You've taken the leap into the world of microblading, and now it's time to ensure those fabulous brows stay flawless as they heal. Buckle up as we delve into the sacred art of aftercare, complete with a sprinkle of personal anecdotes – because we're all in this brow journey together!

1. Gentle Care is Queen 👑

Treating your fresh microbladed brows with gentle love is the name of the game. Yes, it might feel like your brows are the stars of the show, but they need a little VIP treatment right now. During the first week, you might notice some scabbing and flaking – totally normal, I promise! But resist the urge to pick or scratch, because trust me, your future brows will thank you.

2. The Makeup Pause Button 🎨

Now, here comes the slightly tricky part: the temporary break from your beloved makeup routine. I know, it's like taking a vacation from your beauty bag, but it's a crucial step. Avoid applying makeup directly on the healing area for at least a week. It's a small sacrifice for those fantastic brows that will soon steal the spotlight, right?

You are also going to want to avoid getting your brows wet as they heal. This is where Makeup wipes will be most handy. They will help you to cleanse and remove all of the surrounding dirt and oil for the time being. My personal favorite is the Neutrogena Ultra Soft Makeup Remover Wipes.

The Great Makeup Standoff 💄

Ah, my trusty makeup collection – my confidante for every occasion. But during my microblading healing phase, it felt like a temporary farewell. I won't lie, navigating social events without my usual makeup arsenal was a tad challenging. But the reactions I got once my brows fully healed? Priceless! Friends and family couldn't stop gushing about my naturally beautiful brows, and boy, was it worth it.

3. Show Some Sunscreen Love ☀️

As your brows heal and settle into their fabulous new shape, it's essential to protect them from the sun's rays. Think of it as shielding a precious work of art from fading over time. Apply a gentle sunscreen to your brows daily, and voila – those brows will stay vibrant and stunning. My personal favorite is the Unseen Sunscreen by SuperGoop.

My Sunscreen BFFs 🌞

Sunscreen, my trusty companion on this healing journey! Not only have I made it a daily ritual to apply sunscreen to my face every day, but I've also now made it a point to include my brows. And you know what? Not only did it become a self-care moment, but it also ensured my brows remained show-stopping, even under the sun's watchful gaze.

4. Embrace the Flakes and Stay Patient 🕒

Remember, your brows are on a fascinating journey of their own. As they heal, you might notice some flaking and fading – totally normal, and nothing to fret about. During this stage, Aquaphor ointment will be your best friend. Keeping your brows moisturized will aid the healing process. Embrace the process, stay patient, and trust that the final result will be well worth the wait.

Eyebrow Microblading Healing Journey Flaking Week 2
A Week of Peeling

Flaking, Fading, and Fabulousness 💃

During the flaking phase, I couldn't help but compare it to shedding old skin like a fabulous snake – a quirky way to look at it, right? As the flakes danced their way out, I felt a sense of renewal, knowing my brows were transforming into the showstoppers I had always dreamt of.

So, fellow microblading adventurers, as you navigate the aftercare maze, remember: it's a small price to pay for the extraordinary brows that await you. Treat your brows like royalty, embrace the makeup hiatus, slather on that sunscreen, and relish the journey. Your future brows are simply waiting to steal the show, and trust me, the applause will be well-deserved!

Present Day Brows

With these tips in your arsenal, you're well-prepared to embark on your microblading journey and rock those stunning brows with pride. Remember, confidence is key, and your beauty radiates from within. Cheers to the Beauty, Brain & Brawn community – may our brows forever be on fleek! For more insight on how you can realize your soft girl lifestyle, check out my recent blog post on The Top 5 Apps for a Soft Girl Lifestyle.

If you happen to find yourself in the NYC area, in need of microblading services, visit @NewYorkBrowBarbie. Let her know that Cole Woods sent you!

Until Next Time,

Cole Woods


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