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About Me

A Fusion of Passion, Expertise and Vision

Welcome to the crossroads where beauty, strategy, and empowerment converge. I am Cole Woods, the driving force behind Beauty, Brain & Brawn, a bespoke consultancy that breathes life into personal and professional brands.


My Story

From Courts to Catwalks

My journey began on the basketball courts, where discipline and teamwork were not just concepts, but a way of life. Transitioning from the adrenaline of sports to the poise of international runways, I embraced the transformative power of image and presence. As a professional athlete and model, I learned that success is often a blend of visual impact and strategic action.

The Birth of The Modelpreneur Bootcamp

I channeled these lessons into The Modelpreneur Bootcamp, guiding aspiring talents in the art of melding beauty with business acumen. From photographers to fashion designers, my mission was to illuminate the path from creative vision to industry recognition.

Tech Meets Aesthetics

Venturing into the beauty tech industry, I harnessed cutting-edge innovations to redefine brand success. As a program manager, I spearheaded initiatives that fused technology with timeless aesthetics, proving that in the digital age, beauty and brains are a potent combination.

The Philosophy of Empowerment

Beauty, Brain & Brawn embodies my holistic philosophy: to empower. It’s about igniting the spark of potential in every entrepreneur and brand, crafting an image that resonates, and a strategy that triumphs. My approach is immersive, hands-on, and always personalized. I believe in leadership that inspires, branding that captivates, and growth that is relentless.

Join the Journey

Every brand has a story. Every individual holds potential. Are you ready to tell your story, to unleash your potential? Let’s embark on this journey together.

Let the transformation begin.

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