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About Me

"With great height comes great responsiblity"

Over the course of my journey, I’ve been blessed with the opportunities to experience life as a professional athlete, international model, mentor, and entrepreneur. Through these unique experiences, the best part has always been empowering those around me. Whether it is through my written word, consulting or content creation, my mission is always to inspire my audience to walk tall in everything that they do. 


As a woman that has been 6 foot 2 since age 16, I am no stranger to wanting to fit in while being born to stand out. The confidence that you see in me today was forged through many years of struggle in accepting my height. Realizing that it caused many to look up to me (no pun intended), I came to understand that with great height comes great responsibility. And so, I decided to step into my blessing and lead.


My Story

Following my graduation from the University of Pittsburgh, I was selected as a WNBA draft prospect after which I chose to pursue my professional basketball career in Madrid, Spain. It wasn't until a career-ending injury and not walking for months that I finally decided it was time for me to try new things.


What started as excellence on the basketball court led to success on the runway in 2014. After many years of navigating through the entertainment industry from New York to Los Angeles to Egypt and more; I became the founder of The Modelpreneur Bootcamp in 2018. Fueled by my passion for mentoring, empowering, and creative producing, this international start-up was made real. What began as just an idea scribbled in a $2 composition notebook was now an international business operating in 4 different countries!


By leveraging my network and assembling some of the most amazing creatives that I have had the pleasure of working alongside throughout my career, The Modelpreneur Bootcamp was able to provide an experience for fashion creatives of all backgrounds and experience levels to live out their dreams by networking, learning, and working in different cities around the world. 

As the world came to a halt due to the pandemic, many entrepreneurs had to shut down their businesses. Unfortunately, The Modelpreneur Bootcamp was no exception. However, for me, Beauty, Brain & Brawn became an outlet to continue sharing my experience and expertise with women worldwide. The blog has grown since its inception, providing a much-needed support system for women looking to start and grow their own ventures. From self-care to career development, Beauty, Brain & Brawn offers a range of resources and tips that can help women achieve their goals in both their personal and professional lives. In a time of uncertainty, it's uplifting to see how women are coming together to empower each other and create a brighter future.