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🌟 Celebrating One Year in Beauty Technology 🌟

Cover art for blog post. Cole Woods smiling and holding a cupcake

Hey beauties! ✨

It's hard to believe that it has already been one year since I embarked on this incredible journey into the world of Beauty Technology. As I reflect on this milestone, I want to share with you the exciting transition I made from being a model and entrepreneur to working in the thriving tech industry. 🌺💻

Black woman, cole woods, standing at the head of conference room giving a presentation
Presenting Information to Stakeholders

Initially, I ventured into the beauty industry as a model and entrepreneur, building my own business and learning the ropes of running a company. This experience gave me a strong foundation in business management, marketing, and the drive to pursue new opportunities. Little did I know that my path would soon take an unexpected turn, leading me to embrace the fascinating realm of technology.

Recognizing the immense potential in the tech industry, I set out to enhance my skills and knowledge. I delved into self-education, immersing myself in various resources that would equip me for this exciting career transition. Platforms like FreeCodeCamp,, Udemy, and Google became my go-to companions as I explored coding, project management, and agile methodologies like Scrum.

Work space with big windows. Code language on the computer screen.
Troubleshooting Code

Motivated by my passion for both beauty and technology, I decided to further expand my technical expertise. Through dedication and persistence, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into a full stack Java development apprenticeship. This program proved to be a turning point in my journey, allowing me to acquire invaluable coding skills that have become the backbone of my career today.

With my newfound technical prowess and an unwavering love for the beauty industry, I embarked on a quest to find a role that combined these two passions. That's when I found my dream job as a Technical Program Manager at a remarkable Beauty Technology company. 💼💄

As a Technical Program Manager, my responsibilities encompass a thrilling blend of business, client interaction, and technical expertise. I act as the primary point of contact for our beauty clients, serving as their guide into the world of our innovative products. From introducing them to our mission to training them on how to utilize our cutting-edge software, I strive to ensure their seamless integration and success.

Cole Woods pictured smiling with Ulta Beauty's Director of PR and Ulta Beauty's Senior Vice President
Networking with ULTA Beauty Executives

One aspect of my role that brings me immense joy is networking with beauty executives and professionals. Through presentations, meetings, and even mingling at tradeshows, I have the privilege of connecting with industry leaders who share my passion for beauty and technology. These interactions not only help me stay on top of the latest trends but also foster collaborations and partnerships that propel our company forward.

But it's not all glamour and meetings—I also roll up my sleeves and dive into troubleshooting code. As a Technical Program Manager, I am responsible for identifying and resolving any technical issues our clients may encounter during

Cole Woods, black woman, interacting with Allure Store employees
Interacting with Beauty Clients

and after the launch of our software. This ensures that our clients can experience the full potential of our solutions and feel supported every step of the way.

Looking back, I am grateful for the unexpected path that led me to this role. The pandemic, with its temporary slowdown in the modeling and entrepreneurship worlds, opened my eyes to the booming opportunities and long-term stability of the beauty tech industry. It reminded me of the importance of adaptability and seizing new prospects when they arise.

Affirmation on post-it, attached to computer screen. "I am learning and growing more and more each day"
Everyday Affirmations

To those who aspire to venture into new career paths, I encourage you to explore the power of self-education and embrace the abundance of resources available. The combination of my previous experience as a business owner, my

commitment to self-education, and my newly acquired technical skills played a pivotal role in securing my position as a Technical Program Manager in the beauty tech sphere.

If you're considering a career shift, take a leap of faith and pursue your passion. Embrace the beauty of learning and let your determination guide you towards new horizons. Remember, sometimes the most rewarding journeys are the ones we least expect.

Wishing you all an empowering and fulfilling day ahead! 💖✨


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