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Higher is Waiting - An Inspirational Memoir of a Destiny Delivered, Book Review

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As we await the official release of my new book, An Empowered Life I want to share with you some of the amazing reads that have inspired me on my journey of faith. If you are also on a journey toward reaching higher levels of faith, gratitude, and prosperity then I encourage you to join my empowering Book Club. Each month I'll be sharing inspiring tidbits on books that will help you to improve your self-confidence and ultimately improve your life!

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So, I have recently had the pleasure of reading Tyler Perry's newest book, Higher is Waiting. In this inspirational memoir, Tyler motivates the reader to seek answers from within and above. As he recounts his life experience during his climb to superstardom we become privy to the amount of humility and faith he has shown in order to acquire success. As to be expected, this compelling read will leave you hanging on every word and reflecting on how you can always find beauty in your situation.
Though I may be late to the party, I learned about his book during an interview he had with Joel Osteen. Reading Tyler share with us his best and worst moments in this memoir offers a sense of transparency that allows you to really relate to him as a person. Each page evokes both comfort and peace as he uses the word of God to shed light on favorable and unfavorable circumstances alike. Tyler Perry's Higher is Waiting helps you understand your purpose and how to recognize it as he inspires readers by asking us, "What are YOU waiting for?"

I thought this book was a wonderful read as Tyler takes his readers on an emotional roller coaster of faith and determination. It has been some time since I have encountered a book that was as incredibly hard to put down at this one. I finished it within 24 hours of purchasing it but still find myself going back through it to truly reflect on the questions he poses to the reader following each chapter.

"With this thought resonating, I realize that we all have gifts within, but they're too often hidden. We have gifts we have never used, even though they are within reach. If we only knew where to look, we would find them. These gifts are special. They might even change our lives and help make the world a better place. We all have gifts given to us by God. Look for yours." - Tyler Perry, Higher Is Waiting

I really appreciated him sharing some of his experiences with his father. What it taught me was how to show love to someone who doesn't necessarily deserve it. I learned the importance of allowing people to be as they are but not allowing that to affect who you are. Tyler emphasizes how he was able to forgive his father by humanizing him. With much empathy and compassion, he was able to come to the understanding that some people don't always have the tools they need to love us in the way that we deserve which was very eye-opening.

Who hasn't had to forgive someone close? It's not an easy task, but it is important for us to realize that forgiveness isn’t about the other person. We need to learn how much power we have within ourselves and use this strength constantly by forgiving whenever possible. By learning to forgive and let go we are able to open up to receiving the love that we deserve from ourselves and others.

Tyler Perry has inspired millions of people through films with characters like Madea, yet Higher is Waiting reminds us all that Tyler can touch lives on a more personal level just as profoundly, if not more so, than some of these larger-than-life on-screen personas. Higher Is Waiting provides an excellent opportunity to learn directly from the mind of a creative genius that is not to be missed. I could go on forever about the outstanding and empowering messages provided in this book but as with most things, the resonance must be experienced first hand. This is without a doubt one of those life-changing books that will provide value for years to come.

You can find this book on the shelves at major retailers like Barnes & Noble as well as in digital formats via Amazon. For more information on the books that I am reading to improve my mind, body, and soul, join my Empowerment Book Club by subscribing below! I will be sharing my current reads on a monthly basis, as well as discounts and freebies.


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