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An Empowered

A collection of empowering affirmations to help you feel good from the inside out!

An Empowered Life, is a collection of life-changing affirmations that I have used throughout my existence. Positive self-talk has helped me transform from a professional sports star to an international fashion model to entrepreneur and mentor, and I am completely convinced of its advantages.


I've discovered that we all require a boost of encouragement now and then to remind us how strong we are. It is my greatest pleasure to share some of my favorite affirmations with you throughout this book, as they have been such an important part of my life journey.


I've used these affirmations to get me through many hard times. They've motivated me whenever I've let doubt take hold in my life. It affects the greatest of us, but I'm here for you! With these affirmations, you will discover the power, bravery, and intelligence that has always existed within you!


I'm proud of you for taking this first step on your path to empowerment, and I'm delighted to be your mentor.

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