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Alien Goddess Fragrance Review: Beautiful. Unique. Out of This World

"Just be yourself and you'll always be the best." - Marilyn Monroe.

This quote couldn't ring more true to me than right now, as I write this review of one of my new favorite fragrances; Alien Goddess by Mugler. As soon as I opened the bottle and sprayed a little on my wrist, I was hooked. The scent embodies individuality in its purest form: it smells different from anything else that's out there today. It is powerful enough for those who want to make a statement but soft enough for those who are more reserved about their individuality so they don't feel overwhelmed with being different or alone in this world. In short, Alien Goddess is perfect for anyone looking to express their individuality without sacrificing any self-confidence or self-worth.

I love it because it reminds me of everything that I am and everything that I want to continue to be; an out-of-the-ordinary individual. I am a very unique individual and I enjoy that about myself. I wasn't born into this world to think or act like everyone else and neither were you. When we depart from the norm and venture down the road less traveled, we are more likely to be among the few.

The Alien Goddess fragrance has captured my heart from the first time I laid eyes on the bottle, and I have been wearing it almost every day since. It has a very sweet fragrance with an unexpected combination that makes me feel like I should be walking along the yellow brick road somewhere in Oz where I would meet my true love, scare off some flying monkeys, and live happily ever after.

Or maybe I'm a princess in some faraway universe where everything is pink, purple, and fantastic. Who knows? All I know is that this fragrance makes me feel confident in the fact that I was born to be unique!

In a past Instagram post, I had mentioned the significance of finding a signature fragrance for yourself. What I mean by that is that it is essential that every person finds a fragrance that defines their individuality and makes them feel confident in everything they do. Much like a bold red lip, having the right signature scent has the power to define your style, boost your self-confidence, and elevate your overall mood.

After wearing the Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum almost every day since receiving this product from Mugler, I can confidently say that I have found my perfect perfume! The refillable bottle is sleek, elegant and the perfect size for my purse. This beautiful perfume will make anyone feel attractive when they wear it!

Since Alien Goddess Fragrance is a new product from Mugler I was skeptical in believing that it could live up to its hype. After all, there are so many celebrity-endorsed perfumes on the market today but not many of them have ever lived up to my expectations or standards. However, after trying the Alien Goddess Fragrance myself I can say that this scent has surpassed every one of my desires in what makes an outstanding signature fragrance! With notes of vanilla and musk grounded by woody undertones, you'll be sure to love this beautiful scent just as much as I do!

I could not resist the allure of this intriguing scent and I hope you won't either.

Try it out for yourself and let me know what your thoughts are!


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