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The Power of Style: Wear What You Want to Be Known for

The importance of fashion is undeniable. Style is empowerment, and the way you dress can transform how others perceive your power and personality. Your style choices are a reflection of who you are, so it's important to wear what you want to be known for! Read on for tips on how to find empowerment through your wardrobe choices.

What you wear is a reflection of who you are. Your style speaks to the world before your words do and it's an important part of how others perceive you. How you dress communicates a lot about your personality, values, and goals without even saying a single word. Read on to find out why dressing with intention can be so powerful.

Style as Self-Expression

Style is more than just what’s fashionable; it’s all about personal expression. What we wear has the power to convey who we are and what we stand for. Our clothing choices can reflect our values and interests, show off our unique personalities, or simply express our mood for the day. By taking control of this form of nonverbal communication, we have the opportunity to tell people who we are and what kind of life we lead without ever opening our mouths.

Building Confidence Through Style

Our clothes also affect how confident we feel in ourselves and in any situation. When you put on something that makes you feel comfortable, attractive, and confident, it doesn’t just show outwardly—it resonates inside as well! Wearing pieces that make us look good boost our self-esteem, allowing us to take on any challenge with newfound confidence. Plus, when others see us feeling good in our own skin they will respond positively too!

Defining Yourself Through Style

The key to making sure that your style contributes positively to your life is by being intentional about what you choose to wear each day—including both clothes and accessories. Think about the message that you want to send out into the world—whether it’s strong but feminine business attire or casual but trendy weekend looks—and actively seek pieces that will help tell that story for you. It might take some trial-and-error at first but once you get into a groove of choosing clothes with purpose your wardrobe will start speaking volumes about who you are!

At the end of the day, dressing with intention allows us to define ourselves through fashion rather than letting fashion define us! Taking control over how we express ourselves through style helps build confidence & gives us a platform through which we can communicate with those around us without saying anything at all! So next time that you get dressed try asking yourself “What am I trying to say?” And then go ahead and wear what it is that YOU want be known for!

What are your thoughts? Does style really matter that much? Is it worth the effort to invest in a wardrobe of clothes you love and feel good about wearing every day, even if they're not necessarily trendy or fashionable?

As someone who has spent years cultivating their sense of self through fashion, I can say from experience that having a strong sense of personal style is empowering. It's one way we express our individuality and power while also influencing how others perceive us. If you want people to see you as powerful and confident, then wear what makes YOU feel like the most powerful version of yourself!

Purse: Vintage Chanel Half Moon Handbag

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Photography Bryce Lennon

Makeup by Chrishana Fancy

Creative direction and editing by Cole Woods


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