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Whether you are a business, an entrepreneur, or just aspiring, this message is for YOU! If you do not already have a website please know that you are putting your business at risk. A website and a domain are two very key foundational components to any business or idea. They are some of the most important investments that you must make.

You should think of buying a domain and web hosting service like buying digital property. By making such an important investment you are staking your claim in the soil for which your seeds will grow.

The last thing you should ever do is have your entire brand be solely reliant upon your social media accounts. Consider the effects it would have on your business for one or any of those platforms to shut down or experience difficulties. That would seriously put your business at risk. We've already seen how much things can change with even just a small tweak in the algorithm. Don't put yourself at the mercy of social media.

Start building your independent platform NOW. You will thank me later. Don't keep putting off your dreams or ideas. There will be never be a more perfect time to take that leap of faith than NOW.

So, perhaps you just don't know where to start. That is okay! I'm here to be of assistance. There are many platforms available that provide an all inclusive web hosting service. Some popular options include WIX, WORDPRESS, and BLUEHOST. My personal favorite happens to be WIX. As I'm sure you've probably noticed. Through WIX I have been able to create some amazing websites for my business empire!

BLUEHOST is another very popular web hosting option. They offer some of the lowest prices on the market while still offering substantial value! On BLUEHOST you will be able to craft a unique webpage to your liking.

The beauty of these all inclusive platforms is that they are very user friendly. You don't have to be experienced in coding but if you are, kudos to you! These web hosting options offer a plug and play template set up that provide seamless creation. WARNING: You are likely to fall in love with building your business once you get started!

You can also skip the grunt work and find a skilled freelancer to create a stunning webpage for you in as little as a day! Try using the search bar below to find the right freelancer for your web design needs!

Until Next Time!




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