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Masculine Femininity

In this creative set I decided to touch on the subject of androgyny. What does it mean to be androgynous? To be androgynous means to have characteristics or nature of both male and female. My question is, shouldn't we all aspire to be androgynous? Characteristics are not and should not be considered gender specific. For example I think every man should be in touch with his sensitive side just like every woman should know how to be aggressive when the time calls for it.


I've lived two totally different lives in one lifetime thus far. One as a professional basketball player and now as an international fashion model. I used to think that I had to trade one for the other but I do, in fact, harbor both personalities. Debunking the myth that we are obligated to choose.

It's amazing how time and enlightenment have the power to shape who you really are. At the beginning of my modeling career I would have told you that I identified with Naomi Campbell, just because. Now having a better understanding of who I am not only as a model but as a person, I would tell you that I identify with Grace Jones. In my opinion, Grace Jones, is the most misunderstood and under appreciated supermodel in the industry. I feel like I understand her more and more everyday as I come to understand myself. She is a creative visionary with a voice. This photo series is inspired by the androgyny that is Miss Grace Jones.

When I came up with this look it just happened to be how I woke up feeling that morning. This was how I wanted to look. With a fully made up face I wanted to show that I am no less of a woman in these clothes. The way we dress should not define our character, sexual preference, or any of our personal details for that matter. Wear what you want, be what you want, and do what makes you happy. If anything, I am embodying what is known to be an alpha female. A strong, confident, and powerful woman. I choose to be an alpha female because I am. A beauty and a beast.

Hair/Makeup/Styling/Creative Direction by Cole Woods of The Modelpreneur Bootcamp


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