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How to Accessorize a Look Like An Icon

While style is absolutely a matter of preference there are some key guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to accessorizing a look. Here are my top 6 rules to an effortless look like a fashion icon with accessories!

Rule #1: When it comes to accessories, the age-old adage applies, LESS IS MORE!*

Now, this rule is totally circumstantial but if you are going for elegance and class I would definitely shoot for less. There is just something about minimalism that always packs more of a punch. So, the next time you are dressing for an occasion keep in mind that fewer and smaller pieces are the way to go!

Rule #2: Add a pop of color

If you are looking for a unique and eye-catching way to spice up your outfit, try adding in some vibrant colors. Adding color can help break up the monotony of an all black ensemble or draw attention to certain body parts like legs with fabulous shoes! For any occasion where I want my look to be on point but still low key priced, I grab a scarf from the SWANK LIVING SCARF COLLECTION and find something that will make me shine from afar without breaking the bank.

Rule #3: Choose a signature accessory

For a fashionista on the go, there is no way to beat LEGENDARY MUSE SUNGLASSES! While they are not everyone's cup of tea, I am always able to find my inner icon when wearing these glasses. With their timeless vintage look and distinctively retro feel, it doesn't matter what outfit I wear because even if you can't see them behind your head or in the midst of an action-packed day; know that one thing will never change: You're going to conquer this world with style every time!

Rule #4: Do not mix silver and gold!

I have always been a stickler for this particular rule. Never have I been a fan when it comes to mixing silver and gold jewelry, as there is no good way that the two metals mesh well together visually- they clash rather than complement each other! When in doubt, just be consistent; if you wear one or the other metal exclusively then people will know which pieces are yours by sight alone. This shows decisiveness and commitment to your appearance from afar - nice things all of us hope for our style choices!

Rule #5: Stack and Layer

You know that saying, less is more? Well I said it earlier, but then went ahead and told you to go full-on glam. Sorry not sorry for contradicting myself (but don't be too worried because this isn't an invitation for you to throw on every piece of jewelry in your closet). Personally if I decide to stack or layer my jewelry anywhere other than one area like bracelets up top with rings around the bottom, necklaces at both ends etc., only do so when going all out! For a classic stacked ring look without being over done try Biella Vintage - their selection will have something perfect just waiting for you amid the beautifully curated store.

Rule #6: SMILE!

No one wants to be around someone who is all frowns. It's no fun! Your smile can make the difference between a good day and a bad one, so it should always be your weapon of choice when you're in public or with friends. Let that radiant beauty shine through for everyone to enjoy.

No matter how great an outfit looks on anyone they meet at work, school or wherever; if their face doesn't match up then people will notice first thing off about them before anything else does-including the clothes they wear because as cheesy as it may sound (no pun intended), you are never fully dressed without a smile! That being said don’t worry what other people think too much - after all life is too short.

Photo Credit: Unregistered Style (@unregisteredstyle)

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