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Experiencing London Fashion Week

What I love most about what I do is the opportunities that I receive to connect and collaborate with creatives from around world.

Join me as I take a look back at my very first experience in London Fashion Week.

As an artist sometimes the feeling before a performance can be overwhelming. I've come to learn through my experiences that this is a very universal feeling. There is something special about experiencing that unique feeling alongside a diverse group of likeminded individuals. Im grateful to be able to provide a calming energy where I can to the artists behind the scenes through my company The Modelpreneur Bootcamp.

During these experiences I meet models, designers, photographers, and hair/makeup artists that are often making their debut during these showcases. The Modelpreneur Bootcamp offers an opportunity for these artists to grow through these types of experiences with a sense of community. Our participants come to find that they have many similarities in their differences. They realize that they can come from different parts of the world and still connect with each other through shared passion.

The London Fashion Week experience went incredibly well considering I had never actually been to London before. I finally got to meet designer Chanel Joan Elkayam in person after only having connected via Instagram. Chanel is the youngest fashion designer to knock out ALL major fashion weeks under the age of 21. She is truly an impressive young woman. Not only did she set a fashion record but she did it all while being a major advocate for diversity in the industry. When I got wind of the strides that Chanel was making in the industry it struck me as a no brainer to reach out to her. I could feel that her goals were very aligned with my own as far as wanting to make major changes in the industry. It was such a pleasure working with Chanel and her team to showcase her designs and I cannot wait to witness all that she will accomplish in the future.

On another note, The Modelpreneur Bootcamp has officially expanded to the UK after only a year of life and it feels amazing! When I began this venture I had aspirations of providing opportunities for creative artists at fashion week productions around the world. Adding London Fashion Week to the list was literally a dream come true!

I feel as though the company's expansion to the UK is a testament to my own strong will and determination. I set out with intentions to accomplish exactly this despite all fear or doubts I may have had along the way.

When you focus all of your energy and effort toward what you want to achieve it inevitably will become your reality. Thoughts become things and the success of The Modelpreneur Bootcamp is ALWAYS on my mind. I absolutely love my work.

Next stop Milan Fashion Week!

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Michelle Sommer
Michelle Sommer
14 août 2021

This was grreat to read

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