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Empowering Escapades: A Solo Staycation at Hotel Zena in Washington, D.C.

Hello Adventurous Souls!

I recently embarked on a solo staycation in the vibrant heart of Washington, D.C., and let me tell you, it was a getaway to remember. The highlight? A rejuvenating retreat at the fabulous Hotel Zena, a haven that felt like it was designed with women travelers in mind.

Architectural Elegance:

From the moment I entered the lobby, I was captivated by the architectural marvel that is Hotel Zena. It's a celebration of art and empowerment, seamlessly blending modern design with a welcoming embrace. The lobby's unique installation of women's heels at the front desk was eye-catching, a testament to the creativity and thoughtfulness woven into every corner of this space. Not to be missed is the awe-inspiring mural of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a masterpiece crafted entirely out of colored tampons, a tribute that left me in awe of the creativity and empowerment that Hotel Zena embodies. Additionally, in the downstairs lobby, a wall adorned with buttons featuring sayings related to women's empowerment served as a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience that defines us.

Bathroom Haven with a Small Suggestion:

The bathroom, equally spacious and beautifully designed, was a sanctuary in itself. The crowning jewel was the soaking tub—a sanctuary within a sanctuary. After a day of exploration, it was the perfect spot to unwind and rejuvenate, with a vibe that made it feel like time stood still. And, here's the gem within the gem – the tub was not only luxurious but also long and deep enough to comfortably accommodate my 6 ft. 2 frame. As a tall woman, discovering such a treasure was an absolute delight, and I took full advantage of it. However, I would suggest adding a bit more shelving inside the shower. With the hotel-provided toiletries taking up most of the provided shelf space, I found it a bit challenging to make room for my own skin and body care products. A small adjustment that could elevate the experience even further. Discover my guide on How to Bathe Like Royalty and create a Spa-Like Experience Anywhere.

Spacious Retreat for Content Creators:

The room was incredibly spacious, making it ideal for longer stays. The full-length wall mirror was thoughtfully placed, offering ample space for me to step back and fully assess my looks for the day. Though I'm not typically one to fully unpack for a weekend staycation, the generous storage options, including drawers and closets, invited me to do just that. It's the kind of space that content creators dream of.

Rooftop Reverie:

The rooftop pool and lounge area became my daily sanctuary. With breathtaking views of the city, it was the perfect spot to soak up the sun, savor a refreshing drink, and let the world fade away. What's even better is that Hotel Zena offers day passes for those who want to spend a day working or simply relaxing by the pool. It's a dream come true for those of us fortunate enough to work remotely.

Culinary Bliss at Heydey's Restaurant:

Now, let's talk about a culinary experience that danced on my taste buds at Heydey's Restaurant, perched on the rooftop of Hotel Zena. I couldn't resist ordering a delectable spread – chicken skewers, lamb kabobs, an avocado dip paired with an assortment of pita chips, and a house salad. While the lamb kabobs may have been slightly overcooked, the chicken skewers were a masterpiece of perfection, tender and bursting with flavor. Each bite was a testament to the culinary expertise of the chefs at Haydey's.

Indulging in DC's Culinary Delights:

During my stay, I had the pleasure of immersing myself in DC's vibrant culinary scene, coinciding with the much-anticipated DC Restaurant Week. Among the memorable experiences were delectable seafood feasts at Pearl Dive Oyster Palace and the world-renowned Nobu. As a seafood enthusiast, few things in life bring me as much joy as a plate of exquisite sashimi. Each bite was a symphony of flavors, a testament to the culinary expertise that DC has to offer.

Hotel Zena is a sanctuary for solo female travelers like me, celebrating strength and accomplishments at every turn. The convenient location in Logan Circle, surrounded by art galleries, boutiques, and cafes, was the perfect finishing touch.

If you're a solo female traveler seeking an experience that uplifts and empowers, I wholeheartedly recommend Hotel Zena in Washington, D.C. It's not just a stay; it's a celebration of your journey, your strength, and your spirit. Be sure to check out my Solo Travel & Staycation Guide for New York City at The Royalton Park Avenue Hotel as well, yet another gem for empowered female solo travelers.

Until next time, keep exploring, keep empowering, and keep shining!


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