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Need a few ideas for your upcoming photoshoot?

It's not uncommon to draw a blank when searching for creative ideas. This is why I have decided to share with you some key resources to finding all types of content inspiration for your shoots! These free resources will allow you to source awesome ideas from fellow creators to get those creative juices flowing.

Utilize some of these resources the next time a photographer asks you to shoot or whenever you are proposing a shoot. A Modelpreneur should always be prepared with his/her own ideas. Photographers love when models are able to add creative input of their own! The following are great resources for creators of all types.


An underrated gem, WeHeartIt is a free inspiration platform that allows you to find and collect ideas from other users on the platform. This is a great resource to find content ideas for your socials, shoot inspo for your book, or even make a vision board for yourself!


My all time favorite source for all things inspiration. Pinterest is my GO-TO platform for curating inspiration. Check out my profile for inspiration for different types of photoshoots as well as pose tips and tricks!


Although I only recently stumbled across the Social Bakers platform I quickly realized just how dynamic and incredibly useful it is. Not only can you search for the most popular content ideas on social media. You can also search for influencers in your region, better target your audience, and compare your analytics to competitors in your niche! Did I mention that this is also a FREE RESOURCE?! Thank me later.

Now that you have these handy resources in your tool kit you should be all set to create some amazing content! For more useful information like this make sure you are subscribed to The Modelpreneur Diary!

Until next time! Happy Shooting!




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