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Bold Red Lip: The Ultimate Confidence Booster

Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color in Scarlett Rouge

If you are looking for a confidence booster, look no further than your makeup bag. There is one product that has the power to make you feel and look like a million bucks - lipstick! A bold red lip can be worn day or night and will instantly give an air of confidence without saying a word. This blog post will go in-depth about how to choose the perfect shade so that it reflects your personality and style while maximizing its confidence-boosting potential! You'll also learn about alternatives to lipstick, which have the same effect.

- The first step is choosing the perfect shade. It should complement your skin tone and be in a color that you feel confident wearing. If you are unsure, it's best to go with neutrals like red or pink over black or purple as they will pop more against lighter colors found on clothes and eyeshadow palettes. Red lipsticks come in all shades from light pinks to deep plums so there is something for everyone!

- Once you've chosen your favorite shade, apply it directly onto your lips using either a brush or just by pulling it straight out of the tube if the application isn't an issue due to time constraints (a few swipes usually does it). Next, finish off the look by filling in any gaps with a complimenting lip liner.

- If you are looking for a more subdued look, start by lining your lips with the liner and then fill in any gaps. This will help create a gradient lip that is less dramatic than just filling it in straight from the tube.

- Some people love to experiment with layering different shades of lipstick on top of one another or even using contrasting colors like black and red! Playing around can be fun but remember not to wear anything too crazy if you plan to work or meet friends after since these types of looks usually require make up remover when they're done (so avoid wearing them during activities!)

A few of my favorite lippies for different occasions!

Tinted Gloss :

- Tinted gloss is a fun option if you want to experiment with bold colors but don't feel comfortable going all the way. Check out the latest glosses recently launched by Chrishana Fancy Cosmetics! The product smells great and feels moisturizing on your lips while also being very sheer so as not to cover up the natural color of your skin like most lipstick.

Lip Balm:

- If you have dry lips, opt for a lip balm instead! It will keep them well hydrated without changing the appearance or texture too much, which isn't always a good idea when wearing lipstick (especially during winter). Lip balms usually come in flavors as well so they can taste nice depending on what moods you're in each day. Even better than chapstick because not only does it moisturize, it also keeps your lips from getting dry again.

- If you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients in lip balm, there are plenty of other options! Try using a matte lipstick that has some natural oils mixed into it so it's not as drying and can still give you confidence when wearing it on those days where you're feeling less than confident.

Lip Oil:

Lip oils are also a great option that not only moisturizes your lips but also makes them appear fuller. They are an easy way to add a little confidence on days where you're feeling less than confident and need something quick!

Still unsure which option may be best for you? You may find a sample subscription service like Ipsy to be incredibly worthwhile. I love receiving my glam bag in the mail every month with beauty samples that allow me to try and review the newest products on the market. Each item is personalized to suit me. If you decide to check it out for yourself, tell them I sent you by clicking HERE.

Why wear a bold red lip? It can boost confidence levels in an instant! A little color to the face is sometimes all you need when feeling less than confident - especially during winter when skin tends to be dryer. In addition to boosting confidence, wearing any type of lip product (lipstick, chapstick) will help moisturize chapped lips that are caused by this time of year.

When I want to feel saucy, I opt for a red lip with Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color in Scarlet Rouge. I love this lip color because it's a beautiful red with hints of pink that is perfect for the holidays and can also be worn to work without feeling overdone. It lasts all day long!

Red lipstick has been considered sexy since Cleopatra first discovered its power back when she was Queen of Egypt. Red makes you feel bolder and sassier than any other hue - which is just what confidence needs in order to thrive. If you want to feel your best, nothing does the trick like red lipstick.

What are some of your favorite shades? Comment below to share!

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