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Being Fierce: The Look, The Attitude and the Total State of Being

Super Model Cole Woods, dressed in a sexy leopard print outfit while posed on concrete steps and looking fiercely into the camera.
Fierce and Fabulous

I'm sure you've heard the saying "fake it 'til you make it." Confidence is not something that we are born with, and sometimes even when we don't have confidence, we may need to fake it until we can find our groove. Confidence is a powerful thing that needs to be developed and nurtured. The way I see it, there are three ways to develop your inner fierce: 1) Look fierce 2) Act fierce 3) Feel fierce. In this post, I will tell you exactly how you can begin to do all three RIGHT NOW!

Being fierce is not just a look. It's an attitude. It's a willingness to take on the world and not let anything stand in your way. With every outfit that I create, I strive to find a balance between attentiveness and intention. The intent behind this look was to match the intensity of my passion for my work and embody femininity without fear.

When I think of what it means to be fierce the following things come to mind:

  • Boldness - This can be both loud or quiet. It doesn't matter what you exude confidence in doing, just make sure it's something you are passionate about!

  • Passion/Exuberance - Let your feelings guide you, follow them and channel them into whatever path you choose to blaze!

  • Power & Strength - There is nothing more alluring than a woman who can stand on her own. A woman who knows her worth and stands on it is not to be played with. Never give away your power.

  • Safety/Sensuality - This is the most important thing to remember when going for this kind of outfit look, or any look. Make sure that you feel safe enough to walk down the street in whatever you choose to wear. Let people take their looks, compliments are welcome but not necessary (unless you want them!). If there is a concern about being harassed or catcalled, please contact local authorities. But don't worry, wearing less does not make you any less of a woman - nor should it. It's more about empowerment and confidence than anything else.

Don't ever let yourself be embarrassed to express who you truly are. Being a strong and fierce woman means feeling confident while being feminine and sensuous; always own your femininity! Having self-confidence in your outfit gives others the motivation to do the same, so spread that empowerment before anything else!

My favorite example of what it means to be fierce is the Queen Bee, Beyonce. Beyonce is a strong, confident woman who always knows what she wants and how to get it. She's not scared to go against the grain and take risks with her music. Beyonce is a perfect example of what it means to be fierce. She has admitted that with the help of her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, she has been able to transform into the performer that we know and love.

Another fierce individual that I've always looked up to is Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is a true legend and role model who has always been fierce in his career. His attitude towards the game of basketball, life, business, and everything else he did was unmatched by anyone. Michael's ability to give 110% every time on the court showed that burning desire for excellence leads to success!

The Confidence Factor:

Being fierce doesn't mean you have to wear anything in particular - but being true to yourself while wearing whatever makes you feel empowered and confident will make the world see your inner beauty shining through. Confidence has no limits! It's not about fitting into a certain mold of what society says it should be; every person is unique and incredible on their own so don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise! You are worthy of everything that this life has to offer just by existing. Wear what feels good for YOU, not for anyone else, because only then can we show off our worthiness with unapologetic confidence!

The point I am making is that being fierce and confident has the power to help you advance in your career, relationships, etc. Confidence is a power that everyone has and can use to their advantage.

Being fierce has helped me on several occasions to achieve the goals that I was working towards. It has particularly helped me in building my personal brand as a modelpreneur. Once I adopted the mindset that I am qualified for the position that I seek, all else fell into place. When I decided to start being the person I've always wanted to be, I began to see results.

When I am in a fierce mood I can always tell right away. It's like feeling invincible like you cannot be stopped. When I step out on the runway everything fades away. I am no longer the shy or introverted version of myself. I become this divine feminine being that can take over the world if she wanted to. That is what it feels like to be fierce. This feeling has never been exclusive to my runway experience. I have also experienced it when playing basketball, pursuing business ventures, creative directing photoshoots, and even coaching clients.

Beautiful super model, Cole Woods giving a fierce look at the camera while applying lip gloss from Chrishana Fancy Cosmetics
Fierce brown beauty

Confidence and empowerment are a big part of the feeling. Confidence in yourself, your skills, abilities, strengths, and talent - it is that inner fire inside you that makes all the difference between succeeding or not. Breaking down barriers to success has never been more important than now.

Make no mistake, there is a difference between being fierce and just plain angry or aggressive. The difference lies in how you treat others. Being fierce is not an excuse to disrespect or demean anyone else.

If I had to give one piece of advice for those that want to become more fiercely driven in life but don't know where to start, I would say, again, to "Fake it until you make it." As with many things, when we first start in confidence-building and empowerment techniques the best way to get started is by pretending. Pretending like you have the confidence or pretend that everything is going your way - visualize yourself succeeding and having confidence in your abilities. It will all fall into place once you start imagining yourself as exactly who you want to be. Confidence is something that anyone can learn and develop over time. It starts with a mindset change, then we start to see the physical changes as well.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! Please feel free to share any comments or questions below.

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Creative Director/Model/Author: Cole Woods

Photography: @FlicksbyScott

Videography: @BanditVizion


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