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Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

My name is Cole Woods. I am an international model, mentor, and content creator.

I help models, brands, designers, and creators increase their brand reach by creating and curating unique social media marketing content for them.

Early in my career as a freelance model, it was important that I learn how to do a lot of things for myself. These things included hair, makeup, styling, creative directing, marketing, negotiating, networking, editing, etc. Thus the Modelpreneur was born!

My company, The Modelpreneur Bootcamp is a way for me to help mentor the aspiring in ways that they can be self-sufficient whilst providing amazing learning experiences around the world!

Why did I start The Modelpreneur Bootcamp? I started the Bootcamp because I’ve been a victim. As hard as it is for me to admit, in pursuing my career as a model I’ve fallen victim to my fair share of vulnerable situations. I know what it’s like to feel uncomfortable or to feel like you can’t speak up.

I was not always the confident, outspoken woman you may know today. This person you see before you has been forged through fire. I’ve met the pitfalls, unsavory characters, red flags, and naysayers. This is why I made it my MISSION to use my own personal experience to help others to avoid those same mistakes. From those experiences, Cole Woods was born.

I now show aspiring creators how to rise above the noise and go hard for themselves. I show them how not to undervalue themselves and to maneuver with confidence. Every client that I’m able to help only puts me one step closer to serving my highest purpose in that I am a teacher.

I am so blessed for ALL of my experiences. Good and bad; I wouldn’t change a thing. In summary, it seems I was destined to become the person that I’ve always needed. Now I thank GOD that I am able to be that person for others.

Though the pandemic has affected the way in which I have connected with my clients and audience in the past; I now use my blog, instagram, and consultations as outlets for my teachings. Soon creators around the world will have direct access to my exclusive curriculum and opportunities ONLINE.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning how they can brand themselves, expand their network, and monetize their social media presence then please subscribe to my site below for more updates!


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