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Why comprise comfort for style when you can get both?? See how I style these shoes for the fall season courtesy of Sylth Virago, an Italian shoe company based out of NYC that offers fashionable options that exceed all expectations.

Style them up or down, day or night. These shoes are perfect for the stylish woman on the go!

In typical Cole Woods fashion I decided to pair the Agadone pumps into a casual chic, street fashion look. The suede emerald green tint of the shoe body added the perfect subtle splash of color to my "sex in the city" look.

Next up, if sleek but slouchy was a shoe it would be the Demeter Boot! The perfect addition to your fall wardrobe. These boots can be worn with jeans or with stockings. If you look closely at the heel you'll notice the impressive abstract design complimented by their signature brand engraved gold plate embellishment.

Last but certainly not least, one of my absolute favorites, The Persephone Boots. These knee high beauties are not to be ignored. They are definitely long leg friendly for my tall subscribers who may be wondering! Once again, I will say that the brand absolutely outdid themselves on the design of these boots. The intricate beading around the top screams luxury and high fashion. Because these boots are so fabulous I thought I'd add a little flair with a floor length fur cape to match! Why not, right?

If you are interested in grabbing your own, gifting a pair or simply checking out more of their styles you can find these styles and more at The brand was also kind enough to give me a discount code to share with my subscribers! Use the code COLEANDSV10 for a discount at checkout 😘.

Until next time! Stay fabulous my loves 💘




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