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Blue Steel

I decided to call this series, Blue Steel, inspired by the dark and moody vibe of the set as well as the infamous look served by Derek Zoolander himself.

In this week's photo series I was testing the black out efficiency of my new home studio. Whenever I come up with a concept it is always in full detail, straight down to the persona. This particular persona is very raw, dark, and sultry. For that reason I chose to leave these photos unedited. What you see here is the actual photo as it was shot with added light in post production. As you may also notice in the photos, the backdrop still has the creases in it from being folded up giving it a very impromptu look. I was very impressed with the results of the shoot after hours of playing with lighting and angles. I am excited to share them here with you today. Please be sure to like, comment and subscribe. I love to hear feedback and it helps me to create more interesting looks in the future!

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