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The Modelpreneur Bootcamp

Hello again!

We are back! As some of you may know, The Modelpreneur Bootcamp now has it's very own home at ! Since our last update we selected 8 models and 3 makeup artists to travel out to Paris, France with us for The Super Model Experience. It was indeed a HUGE success! The models and artists got to stay in luxury accommodations, participate in fully produced high fashion and beauty photo shoots featuring fashion week designers! They also received runway and pose training to get them ready for the ultimate treat of walking IN Fashion Week! We've received so many stellar reviews and awesome feedback and are super excited to be heading into the next season where we will be filming a pilot and ::drum roll: walking INSIDE of the Eiffel Tower!!! It is going to be spectacular.

About The Modelpreneur Bootcamp:

It has long since come to my attention that there are a lot of independent models searching for guidance on how they can begin or enhance their modeling career with out an agency. It is for this reason that The Modelpreneur Bootcamp was created.

During our carefully curated experiences we take our participants through our curriculum of Modelpreneurship which includes Runway 101, Pose & Movement, Branding, and Networking Etiquette.

We feel that it is important for models both signed and unsigned to know how to maximize their own potential. Our curriculum includes business tools, legal templates, and pertinent marketing materials to go along with content that our experienced production team will create FOR YOU.

We only accept applicants that are serious about wanting a change in their careers. For more info please visit our website at to learn how you can apply for one of our experiences.

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