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Red Light District

In this creative series directed by me and my production company, The Modelpreneur Bootcamp I wanted to exude class, beauty, and stature.

This is what led to my idea of shooting this one at the LACMA light poles exhibit. A beautiful light pole attracting all eyes. It was only right that I used a little red dress for the wardrobe. The dress is made of a red suede with THIN diamante straps. I had actually purchased the dress to slay in on New Year's Eve but the dress straps snapped from trying it on before I ever even made it out of the house. Super disappointing considering how much the dress fit like a glove. Me being the homebody that I am, I just took that as a sign to keep my butt in the house. Nonetheless, through the use of much resourcefulness and many safety pins I was able to repurpose this bad boy and do it justice in this shoot that I call, The Red Light District.

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