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Paris Experience S1


Challenge: Lack of Diversity and Inclusion in Paris Fashion Week

In my first experience at Paris Fashion Week, I was struck by the stark lack of diversity within the production I was invited to. As one of only three models of color, I encountered significant challenges, including a makeup team unprepared to work with darker skin tones. This forced me to do my own makeup in the bathroom, with my mother assisting me with my hair backstage. This all-too-familiar scenario highlighted the need for greater diversity and inclusivity within the fashion industry.

Initiative: The Modelpreneur Bootcamp Paris Experience

Motivated to make a change, I approached the production owner with a proposal to help increase diversity within her production. She welcomed the idea, and thus, The Modelpreneur Bootcamp Paris Experience was born. This initiative aimed to bring more diverse models and skilled makeup artists to the forefront, ensuring a more inclusive and representative fashion event.

Implementation: Bringing Diversity to the Runway

For the first season of The Modelpreneur Bootcamp Paris Experience, I successfully recruited nine diverse models and a well-rounded makeup artist. The key steps included:

  • Recruitment: Identified and selected models of diverse backgrounds and skin tones to participate in the production.

  • Training and Preparation: Organized bootcamp sessions to prepare the models for the high standards of Paris Fashion Week, ensuring they were runway-ready and confident.

  • Collaboration: Worked closely with the production owner to integrate the new models into the lineup and ensure the makeup artist was equipped to handle diverse skin tones.

Results: Transforming the Production

The introduction of The Modelpreneur Bootcamp Paris Experience had a profound impact on the production:

  • Enhanced Diversity: The inclusion of diverse models addressed the needs of designers seeking to showcase their collections on a broader range of skin tones and body types.

  • Increased Marketability: The production was now able to market to a wider range of designers and audiences, aligning with the global trends of inclusivity and diversity.

  • Financial Growth: The broader appeal and inclusive approach attracted more designers, ultimately bringing in more revenue for the production.

  • Improved Image: The overall image of the production was transformed, showcasing it as a forward-thinking, inclusive, and diverse fashion show.

A Step Towards Inclusivity in Fashion

The Modelpreneur Bootcamp Paris Experience - Season 1 demonstrated that diversity and inclusivity are not just ethical imperatives but also strategic advantages in the fashion industry. By addressing the needs of a diverse audience, the production was able to enhance its marketability, appeal to a broader range of designers, and increase its revenue. This case study highlights the transformative power of diversity and serves as a model for future fashion events worldwide.




After a week of attending our curated itinerary of workshops, training, fittings, castings, and photoshoots our participants make their international debut in a Paris Fashion Week production.

This experience caters to models, photographers, fashion designers, make-up artists, hairstylists, fashion students, and more from around the world! With the help of our production partners and sponsors, we are able to provide an incredibly beneficial experience for all who attend.

Creative Producer: Cole Woods

Photographer: James Ketant

Studio Photographer: Pascal Raso

Lead Hair Stylist: Rehma Grace

Makeup Artist: Eileen Madrid

Production Assistant: Alexis 

Launching a Proof of Concept

Elegant Accomodations

Beauty Shoot

Editorial Shoots

Show day