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From head to toe, these stunning looks embody all the sophistication and style you could ever dream of. From Cole's curated selection, these looks will have you making a lasting impression! Welcome to Curated by Cole.

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Olive Juice

The woman in this look is an elegant and sophisticated businesswoman. She has places to go, people to see and she's sure not going anywhere without making a great first impression! The way that she wears her clothes shows how just how confident she is.


The Editor

The Editor look is an understated yet elegant ensemble that would be perfect for the high-power corporate world. The accessories here take a more quality over quantity approach, with some very nice pieces like this Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date which could also work well on female bosses!

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Barbie Glam

This look is a Leggy Sue special! Vintage, upscale, minimal but fabulous. This is a look that deserves big hair with big curls. Topper jacket available HERE.


City Safari

The City Safari look is one that will make you feel like a well-put-together woman with an eccentric touch. The green trench coat by Marina Moscone exudes luxury and the Altuzarra Henri pant gives casual chic while still being effortlessly glamorous; my favorite piece from this entire outfit has to be the Patina Brass Egyptian Cuff because it combines vintage elements in perfect harmony!

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Power Play

Power Play is giving Michelle Obama's inauguration look an edgy, powerful twist with leather and tassels. This look is sexy, sophisticated, and fit for a boss.


Mother Earth

Mother Earth has been reimagined as a stunning display of sophisticated style, combining the timeless beauty of nature with exquisite patterns to create an effortlessly fashionable look.

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Stormy Day

Get ready to be chic and cozy on those chilly days with Stormy Day, a fashionable look that captures the wild beauty of gray skies. Layer up in comfy pieces for a stylish autumn or winter outfit perfect for taking on whatever Mother Nature throws at you!


Sunset Vibes

Feel summertime luxury and embrace your inner goddess with Sunset Vibes. This upscale and ethereal look exudes vacation vibes no matter where you are - from a tropical resort to lounging around at home in style.




Fluid embodies the depth and flow of water itself. The combined shades of blue in the Tree of Life robe by La Perla add a sensuous touch to this elegant ensemble. A perfect look for an upscale daytime event.


Boss Babe Blues

The Boss Babe Blues look is a must-have for any fashionista's Spring wardrobe. Add an effortless touch to your style with this baby blue leather suit and leopard print heels that embody confidence and professionalism in the chicest way possible!

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Golden Palm

Give your work wardrobe a vibrant twist with Golden Palm's sunshine-hued short suit in luxe linen! This stylish look will add subtle flair to any office setting, so you can stay cool and fashionable no matter the season.

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