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The LA Experience (Malibu, CA)

Clients: Darlaina Rosa and niece Alaina Garret

Location: Malibu, California

Producer: Cole Woods

Photographer: Alexis Motley

Photographer: Rena O.

Production Assistant: Zemirah Scott

Retouch: Cole Woods

Wardrobe Stylist: Cole Woods

Video: Cole Woods

The Experience

During this 4-day experience, Darlaina, and Alaina participated in a custom editorial shoot, branding workshop, and a lesson in modelpreneur fundamentals led by Cole Woods.

Behind the Scenes

The Modelpreneur Bootcamp delivered a transformational client experience. From wardrobe styling and location scouting to on-set coaching for perfecting poses and angles - this immersive program had it all!

Finished Work

We are proud to say that our clients left with skills they never had before. They were much more confident in their abilities, and the results showed up in their photos immediately!