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Paris Experience S2

 Location: PARIS, FRANCE






After a week of attending our curated itinerary of workshops, training, fittings, castings, and photoshoots our participants make their international debut in a Paris Fashion Week production.

This experience caters to models, photographers, fashion designers, make-up artists, hairstylists, fashion students, and more from around the world! With the help of our production partners and sponsors, we are able to provide an incredibly beneficial experience for all who attend.

Sponsors: Le Secrets de Loly

Uptown Body Contouring

Elitist Eyewear

Massielle Made

Creative Producer: Cole Woods

Lead Photographer: Alexis Motley

Runway Photographer: Shravan Me

Photographer: Solen Gueho

Photographer: Gabriel G.

Photographer: Kelli Scates

Photographer: John 

Studio Photographer: Pascal Raso

Lead Hair Stylist: Rehma Grace

Makeup Artist: Eileen Madrid

Production Assistant: Quadira Daniels 

An end to end experience

Each participant joined us in Paris, France for a transformational week of learning, networking, and showcasing their skills by working with premier designers from around the world.

Branding & Networking Ettiquette Workshop

Our workshops led by founder Cole Woods, covered branding, networking etiquette, and runway readiness. 

Show Preparation

Fittings and Trainings

Beauty and Editorial Shoots

Our curated beauty and editorial shoots provided an opportunity for everyone to get involved. Our designers, models, photographers - even our fashion students were able to come together in a seamless collaboration that resulted in artful masterpieces!

Behind the scenes on show day

The Modelpreneur Bootcamp is not just an event, it's my baby. I'm so excited to be producing the show with all these great models and promising entrepreneurs! The first step in making sure everything goes well is making sure that our production team can work efficiently together as one unit behind-the-scenes.