My 10 Step Summer Body Work Out Routine

It's true what they say, health is wealth! As of lately I have committed myself to getting back in the gym and bringing out my best self. Over the years being a retired professional athlete and being relatively thin my whole life I have managed to skate by with little to no working out. This was mainly due to my eating habits which I will cover in another post. In this post, I want to share with you my go-to exercises for quickly toning my glutes and trimming my waist!

Recently in my excitement of seeing such amazing results, I posted a photo on my Instagram page. The response was a bit overwhelming but very encouraging. After posting it I received questions about my workout regimen and eating habits but before I answer those I feel as though I should share my "WHY" with you.

In the past months, I have gone through quite the transition as it pertains to life and work, as most of us have. There was a stretch of time where I was battling depression and had even stopped eating. I had hit an absolute low in my life and had literally resorted to wasting away. As cliche as it may sound, after much praying, meditating, and therapy it was like a switch was flipped. No way could I allow myself to stay in this dark place! I realized that I didn't deserve the punishment that I was dishing to myself and decided to make an actual change.

The first thing I did was make a plan to break the bad habits that I had developed. Ironically one of those bad habits is operating without a plan. So, as not to overwhelm myself I decided to start with one small thing that would make a big change. The first habit I would break was getting up early to start my day. This has always been difficult for me as I have never been a morning person but what I did was find a way to trick myself into getting out of bed. I would set my alarm on my phone and put it across the room so I would have to get up to turn it off. Trust me when I say that getting out of bed can often be the hardest part. Once I had gotten that part down I began doing more things to fill my cup like stretching, journaling, walking the dog, praying, etc.

After a few weeks of just solidifying a morning routine, I decided to add a workout regimen to my day. Now, after I've done my usual routine I head straight to my local gym to power through my workout which I will share with you here. Most of the workouts that I do can be done right from home so if you are not able to make it to a gym do not worry! You can still get your workout in!

Being vulnerable online is a very new thing for me but I'm hoping that by sharing my story and my own experiences that I can better relate to my audience and continue to empower you. If you too have reached a point in your life where you are tired of not operating at your highest potential then join me in making a major life change!

My Summer Body Work Out

1. Warm Up with Cardio

Personally, I like to start my workout with a cardio machine to get my blood pumping before I jump into my exercises. My machines of choice are usually the incline stepper or the elliptical. On these, I do 10-15 minutes of medium-speed exercise. If you don't have a cardio machine at your disposal you can substitute this for a power walk or bike ride around your neighborhood. No excuses!

2. Stretch It Out

Now that your muscles are all warmed up from the cardio it is time to stretch those limbs! I won't go into too much detail here but you should be doing at least one stretch for each area of the body with a focus on any problem areas.

3. Split Squats 3x 12

4. Donkey Kicks 3x 12

5. Fire Hydrants 3x 12

6. Straight Leg Kicks 3x 12

7. Glute Bridges 3x 12

8. Knee Push-Ups 2x 10

9. Plank 2x 30 seconds

10. Wall Sit 1x 1m30s

These 10 steps will serve you well on your journey toward achieving your summer body! For a more high-intensity workout, I suggest making a circuit of exercise 3-7! Take short breaks and drink plenty of water. Please be sure to watch the videos to ensure that you are using proper form on all of your exercises!

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