How To Accessorize Like An ICON

While style is absolutely a matter of preference there are some key guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to accessorizing a look. Here are my top 6 rules to an effortless look with accessories!

Rule #1: When it comes to accessories, the age-old adage applies, LESS IS MORE!*

Now, this rule is totally circumstantial but if you are going for elegance and class I would definitely shoot for less. There is just something about minimalism that always packs more of a punch. So, the next time you are dressing for an occasion keep in mind that fewer and smaller pieces are the way to go!

Rule #2: Add a pop of color

If a unique get-up is what you are going for, I would suggest adding a nice pop of color to your look. Adding a pop of color has the power to break up a monotonous outfit or even draw the eyes to a certain area of the body. When I want to add a splash to my look I opt for a colorful scarf, bright heels, or a colored handbag. For a vibrant collection of silk scarves to add to your look check out the SWANK LIVING SCARF COLLECTION; low cost and high class.

Rule #3: Choose a signature accessory

While this rule is not set in stone, I do highly recommend it. Discover your inner icon by finding that one piece that always puts the U in your outfit! One of my most favorite signature pieces is the LEGENDARY MUSE SUNGLASSES listed as one of my top fashion picks below. Aside from the style itself, these frames always take my look to a whole new level no matter what I'm wearing. Every time I put them on I know I am going to conquer the day and make the world my runway.

Rule #4: Do not mix silver and gold!

I have always been a stickler for this particular rule. Never have I been a fan when it comes to mixing silver and gold jewelry. It gives a very clashing effect and rarely meshes well. When in doubt, just be consistent! Little things like sticking to one or the other show decisiveness and commitment to one's appearance.

Rule #5: Stack and Layer

Now I know I said earlier that less is more BUT when you want to go full-on glam that is when you STACK IT UP! Don't get me wrong, this is not an invitation for you to throw on every piece of jewelry you own. Personally, if I decide to stack or layer my jewelry, I only do it on one body area. For example, I may stack my rings, bracelets, or necklaces depending on the mood. For a minimal but classic stacked ring look, I would suggest visiting Biella Vintage. They recently released their Mia, Lucia, and Diamond stacking bands which I love! Biella Vintage is an Australian-owned jewelry brand inspired by the chic European summer lifestyle and a love of golden and vintage things.

Rule #6: SMILE!

As cheesy as it may sound (no pun intended), you are never fully dressed without a smile! Your smile is the ex-factor to any look you pull together. There is this myth floating around that a fierce look requires a straight face or a scowl. No boo-boo. Life is too short to be looking mean. Let your inner light shine through. Flaunt your smile like your ultimate weapon and you can never go wrong.

Photo Credit: Bryce Lennon (@brycelennon), Unregistered Style (@unregisteredstyle)

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