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Grandma's Purse

Let me tell you guys a little bit about my grandma's purse!

This purse is one of my most favorite wardrobe pieces handed down to me by my mother! I've come to realize that it represents parts of my grandmother that I really didn't get to know until after her passing.

It's one of my greatest regrets that I didn't get to know her better in my adulthood. I was "too busy" trying to navigate my 20's in Los Angeles thinking that I had time. I didn't get to know just how much of her is in me. How much of her IS me. I miss her dearly but in a way this purse embodies her spirit. It is vibrant, interesting, and one of a kind just like her.

I've read that in order to truly know yourself you must get to know those that came before you. This is my mother's MOTHER. My mother is an incredible woman in her own right so imagine what the woman who raised HER must have been like. It's so crazy how much I identify with her now. What a woman! Adored by her friends, family, and all those who knew her.

My grandmother was a teacher in the south during segregation and Jim Crow. To me this says that despite what was going on in society she made it her mission to educate and empower future generations. This along with being a single mother to 8 kids. I cannot even fathom how she did it it all! Some women are just built Ford tough.

Did I mention what a FOX she was?? A 5'10 bombshell with red hair and grey/blue/green eyes. The woman was as beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside. Always helping, always giving. Even in her retirement she worked at a Boy's and Girl's home lending her matronly energy to those in need.

She was always there for everyone. Even in a she never missed birthdays, holidays, sports games, or graduations and STILL made time for church and bowling.

My grandmother was an incredible woman and now every day I aspire to be like her. I aspire to be the light that helps others see the same way that she was.

Get the look below!

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