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Enhance Your Travel Makeup Routine

Bringing You a Modelpreneur Must Have!!

As an entrepreneur, if you have not already, you are sure to encounter moments when you have to do your makeup yourself or on the go. I always say that there is nothing worse than doing makeup in bad lighting.

If you recall, in a previous post, I decided to treat myself to a weekend self care staycation in NYC. Prior to that much needed stay I stopped over at TJ Maxx to pick up a few things that would enhance my experience. One of the gems I discovered was the Impressions Vanity TouchPad Mini mirror.

This product has already become an absolute staple to my "spennanight" bag. No more relying on destination lighting! Now I can ensure that I have the proper set up to achieve the look that I want anywhere that I go. Entrepreneur or not, this product is a must have for any go bag.

To add this handy gadget to your collection click the link below!

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