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Super Hero

What makes a super hero? Is it super human abilities or is it simply just being a good role model? History tells us that every good superhero is always in a constant battle to maintain their sense of humanity whilst being super human. This battle often goes unacknowledged and doesn't receive the credit it is due. To live a life as a leader, representative or ambassador for a group of people unbeknownst to them is incredibly admirable to say the least. A great deal of responsibility falls on these special individuals. Although they may not have chosen the leadership role for themselves they understand the importance weighing on them to fill those shoes. So, whether they like it or not they are called to duty to be a shining light for those to follow. What people ultimately fail to see is that a superhero is always making decisions not just for themselves but for the good of those that look up to them. They may be cast out, shunned, or laughed at by naysayers for the decisions they are forced to make but are more than willing to take on the ridicule for the greater good. Not everyone will understand the lengths that a person like this is willing to go to stand for what they believe in. I happen to be a huge fan of Marvel and DC so I use Super Man as an example. He is the perfect example. He made it his job to save the people of earth from harm. He didn't have to but he was able to. That is what makes him a super hero to me. Not his incredible strength, laser eyes, or ability to fly. It is the willingness to do what is right for others even if it may not be what is best for you. I consider real heroes to be good parents, firefighters, teachers, doctors, etc. The world can't thank you enough for your efforts. Our hats off to you because not every hero wears a cape.

With this look I decided that I wanted to embody what it means to me to be a super hero or super model. With the hair/makeup and wardrobe I wanted to attain a bold, regal, and fit type of look. Minimal but powerful. As for the poses I thought it was best to display the athleticism that it takes for me to get the amazing shot that Im looking for. Modeling is no cake walk if you are doing it right. As a model, if you leave a photo shoot unscathed or unworked then you did not work hard enough. I've sprained my ankle at least 3-4 times, sprained my knee, and have come away with too many cuts and bruises to count all because when I am shooting there is nothing more important to me than getting THE shot. Remember, a daring model is a good model but always be smart! It is only when you become comfortable outside of your comfort zone that you really learn what you're made of.

The attached video is to give you all a sneak peak of what it looks like behind the scenes with me along with some of the awesome shots from the shoot. Hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE! Until next time.


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