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I am proud to say that, I AM BACK. It took me some time to get back to myself but it is so liberating to be home. It wasn’t easy by any means. It was a fight. A struggle. But I made it through. The journey back to self required me to heal old wounds, release unhealthy attachments, and remember who I’ve always been. With the support of GOD, my family and friends I am so proud to feel like myself again.

There is no shame in needing help. It’s just as important to know how to ask and receive as it is to give. Ask yourself, are you open to receiving the help you seek? Needing and not asking is self-sabotage.

This year alone was tumultuous to say the least. So much so that not everyone has or will make it out. My heart goes out to those that didn’t make it through the tunnel to see the light. I plan to honor all of those lost by living fully in my purpose and being of service to others. I am no longer a slave to my past trauma. I will not allow the aches in pains of the past to dictate my present and future.

If you’re wondering what tools were packed in my survival kit I will tell you. I can only hope that by sharing this information it will save someone else. The most important thing I did to survive this evolution was to LISTEN. I listened to my guide. You know that inner feeling that tells you when you are out of alignment with your purpose? Call it the energy source, the divine, the soul, or the Holy Ghost. It has many names but we absolutely know it when we feel it. The sad thing is that many of us, myself included, tend to ignore that feeling when it speaks to us. Just like everything else in this world, that feeling is no coincidence and is certainly not to be explained away. So I would start by asking myself, how do I feel about this? What emotions is this particular event triggering and why?

Once I’ve tapped into the why of my emotions I then release them. How do I do this?? By remembering to focus on what I can control. We all have a choice. It is not always an easy one to make when the weight of the world feels like it’s sitting on your shoulders but it has to be made nonetheless. I choose to be happy. I choose to be happy and I follow that choice by doing that which makes me happy.

What that looks like to me is catching up with friends, reconnecting with nature, journaling, dancing like no one is watching, taking long hot showers, singing songs that remind me of better times, being around family, showing my dog love and attention, and more.

The real secret has been the magic of music. I’ve begun to rely heavily on specific Spotify playlists to get me through trying times. Each playlist serving it’s own purpose. If you don’t already have a premium account with Spotify, I highly suggest you get one to enjoy the ad free listening and extensive library of curated playlists.

Whenever I feel like I need to calm my mind and relax I listen to the following playlists:

Meditative sounds for clarity and healing

Sensual beats for chill nights, and long relaxing showers

Calm ambient music with gentle nature sounds

The chillest instrumental lofi beats. Certified lush,

Light, relaxing background music for meditation, yoga, and calm studying - A compilation of smooth mediation sounds to guarantee perfect concentration and perfect sleep moments. By Filtr Switzerland

Softer kind of dance

Let your worries and cares slip away

Breathe. Sense. Feel. Transcend

Relax and unwind with chill, ambient music

Hypnotic bliss.

I hope these playlist can soothe the minds of the readers in need. Try listening to any of these playlist while you are working out, taking a walk, enjoying nature, or even just studying or meditating. In a future post I will share my entire shower ritual that helps me, as a water sign, to come up with some of my best ideas and inspiration!

Until next time!



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