The Modelprenuer Bootcamp

Have you been told that you're too tall, too short, too thick, whatever, or that you just don't have the "right look"?
Let's build your personal brand! 
Learn how to market yourself to major brands
and gain the networking etiquette skills you need to book jobs for yourself.
I will teach you how I've managed to work with major companies and establish myself as a personal brand both in the US and abroad with NO AGENCY.
 In the online bootcamp, open to male/female models WORLDWIDE, you'll learn my "STRUT" method that I've used to help me be my own agency. This method will help you get your personal brand established in less than 6 weeks*. I use this method exclusively with my 1-on-1 clients, and I will share it with you live in the Online Modelprenuer BOOTCAMP 
"Im so happy to have finally launched both my online Modelpreneur Bootcamp as well as the International Modelpreneur Expeditions! These are two projects that have been in the works for YEARS now. I wanted to find a way in which I could coach aspiring, freelance, and even some established models in some of the ways in which they can build their personal brand and expand their reach. There are so many beautiful and talented models in this world that feel as though they can’t pursue or further their dream simply because they’ve been told that they don’t have the “right look”. Just to think about that is a major trigger point for me simply because I too have been turned away for being what some said was “too tall”. Had I listened to any of those strict requirements or naysayers I probably would have never accomplished any of the things that I have in my modeling career today as an unsigned model. The online Modelpreneur Bootcamp is something that I created to not only inspire and motivate models around the world to take a hold of their dream but to teach them how not to take no for an answer. When you truly want something DO NOT YEILD. It is your responsibility to make your dream work! My Bootcamp WILL give you that extra confidence boost you’ve been missing while also giving you a leg up in your career with crucial information on how to build a personal brand for success. Spots have been filling incredibly fast since the launch and I’m so happy to have been able to reach so many of you. It’s time to change the game! 💪🏾🙌🏾🌏 "
- Cole Woods

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*I do not promise that you will achieve my exact results but you will absolutely leave this course more knowledgeable and prepared to start, continue, or further your career.