Grandma's Purse

Let me tell you guys a little bit about my grandma's purse! This purse is one of my most favorite wardrobe pieces handed down to me by my mother! I've come to realize that it represents parts of my grandmother that I really didn't get to know until after her passing. It's one of my greatest regrets that I didn't get to know her better in my adulthood. I was "too busy" trying to navigate my 20's in Los Angeles thinking that I had time. I didn't get to know just how much of her is in me. How much of her IS me. I miss her dearly but in a way this purse embodies her spirit. It is vibrant, interesting, and one of a kind just like her. I've read that in order to truly know yourself you must get t

Enhancing my Image

During this pandemic era I have made it a point to put more energy into my skincare regimen. I figured with there being so many things in this world that are out of our control, my self care is one thing that I DO have control over. Skin goals to me is looking absolutely flawless WITHOUT the use of make up. While my skin is by no means perfect I have had the pleasure of stumbling across some AMAZING products to aid me in my quest. My new routine has allowed me to feel way more confident with a bare face during the fluctuating temperatures of Summer. One of those products is the Ormedic Balancing Antioxidant Serum by @ImageSkincare! I've recently added this to my skincare regimen and am thoro


Is it just me or does anyone else notice how a lot of these "evil female" characters in fairytales and folklore just women that are scorned? (i.e. Medusa, Maleficent, Wicked Witch of the West, etc.). Check out the footage of me as the legend, Medusa, on KTLA News 5! Costume created by Inoe Vargas. I love getting into my character. Modeling to me is a performing art. You have to embody the story and attitude of the character that you are portraying. I like to think of Medusa as a misunderstood, seductive, and very fierce individual. She is fearless because she knows that she is the predator. A woman of power. I am inspired by Medusa and it was my one of my greatest honors to portray her.

Experiencing London Fashion Week

What I love most about what I do is the opportunities that I receive to connect and collaborate with creatives from around world.

Viva Montevideo!

So for those of you that are new to my blog and/or my latest activities; Welcome! Its been some time since my last post but I assure you it was for good reason. I recently had the opportunity to work for NIKE in Montevideo, Uruguay. I still don't think it has truly set in just how amazing of an accomplishment that actually is. Especially being a fully independent/unsigned model. This opportunity was such a blast to the past for me. It took me back to my days of being on a team and giving it 100% to achieve a common goal. Ive been working for myself so much since retiring from basketball that I almost forgot what it felt like to move as a team. It reminded me a lot of the feeling I had recent

Blue Steel

I decided to call this series, Blue Steel, inspired by the dark and moody vibe of the set as well as the infamous look served by Derek Zoolander himself. In this week's photo series I was testing the black out efficiency of my new home studio. Whenever I come up with a concept it is always in full detail, straight down to the persona. This particular persona is very raw, dark, and sultry. For that reason I chose to leave these photos unedited. What you see here is the actual photo as it was shot with added light in post production. As you may also notice in the photos, the backdrop still has the creases in it from being folded up giving it a very impromptu look. I was very impressed with the

A Saunter Through Paris Fashion Week

*Originally written March 2018 Mama I made it! I finally crossed off one of my major modeling bucket list goals of walking in Paris Fashion Week! Accompanying me on the trip was my mother, my childhood best friend, and two of my aunts. It being my first time in Paris I decided it was a must to take in some of the sites and culture during my down time. I'd like to share with you some behind the scenes footage from the entire Paris trip collected, compiled, and displayed here by The Modelpreneur Bootcamp. As for the shows themselves, I happened to be particularly adamant about wearing my natural hair. Not just for me but for aspiring and established black models everywhere. We are not encourag

For the Lover in You

Happy Valentine's Day Loves!! Content Creation for Victoria's Secret Produced by THE MODELPRENEUR BOOTCAMP Model/Creative Director/Editor: Cole Woods Wicked Unlined Uplift Bra in Vibrant Red Retro Romance Lace With Velvet Wing Dream Angels Satin Shorts in Vibrant Red

Masculine Femininity

In this creative set I decided to touch on the subject of androgyny. What does it mean to be androgynous? To be androgynous means to have characteristics or nature of both male and female. My question is, shouldn't we all aspire to be androgynous? Characteristics are not and should not be considered gender specific. For example I think every man should be in touch with his sensitive side just like every woman should know how to be aggressive when the time calls for it. I've lived two totally different lives in one lifetime thus far. One as a professional basketball player and now as an international fashion model. I used to think that I had to trade one for the other but I do, in fact, harbo

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As a professional athlete turned international modelpreneur I have come to learn that failure only knocks at your door whenever you undermine your integrity. There was a time when I wanted so badly to fit in. Now, I've made it my business to teach others that they were born to stand out.


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